Royal Opera House Cinema at Nebula Micro Theatre

Royal Opera, Royal Ballet and Royal Shakespeare Company cinematic productions at cinemas in Gauteng

Nebula Cinemas is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Royal Opera House and Royal Shakespeare Company cinematic content in Southern Africa. Straight from Covent Garden and Stratford-upon-Avon to a cinema located near you - what better way to get your dose of culture than on the big screen?

Click below to view the Nebula Cinemas website to see what's on next at your nearest location in Killarney Mall, Benoni, North Riding, Tshwane or Makhanda.

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    Let us manage your performance or event. We provide everything from lights to sound equipment, with an experienced sound production engineer at the helm of each show. Consultation is, of course, part of the package - let us guide you towards creating an unforgettable night! 


    - Pre-production consultation
    - Stage design
    - Equipment transportation and setup
    - Complete sound and lighting engineering
    - Photography/video services
    - Complete event marketing and promotion 

  • Music production

    If you've always wanted to become the next Number One Hit, let us help you produce the best-selling album of your dreams!


    - Fully-equipped recording studio
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    Hire or buy a wide range of instruments or equipment from us at near-factory prices. If we don't have what you're looking for, chances are we can get it!


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    Our experienced teachers offer training in a wide variety of instruments and skills, such as:
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  • Live Event Video Streaming

    We'll stream your event live across your platform of choice.

Consultation and guidance

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Need a backtrack for your solo performance? Have some music you need transcribed or put into solfege? If it's music-related, we may be able to help you, even if we don't list the service on our site! It can't hurt to ask, right?

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Graham Roderick

The Producer

Graham Roderick

He’s done it all, and if he hasn’t he would like to! No question is unanswerable or task too great to complete. Many years of experience in showbiz, both on and off stage, means your event is in safe hands.

Hobbies: threatening to build 1/82 scale model trains; sharing viennas with Roro
Denise Roderick

The Muso

Denise Roderick

A true believer in the "no music, no life" philosophy. We don't like to brag, but you won't easily find a more talented pianist, or better teacher in the country. Who are we kidding...? We love to brag!

Hobbies: chocolate connoisseurism; doing the work of 40 people by herself
Elizabeth Kruger

The Artiste 

Elizabeth Kruger

Graphic designer, sometimes artist/sometimes writer (mostly bad at all the aforementioned things, but sometimes gets it right!) Loves cats.

Hobbies: petting other people's cats; eating and complaining about getting fat

We don't just produce shows - we bring life to your imagination! 

St Dunstans
Little Shop of Horrors
Dragons In Concert
Sing For Joy
Voices of the Men of Africa
Choir of the World

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